Langa For Men

Our vision is to create a safe space for every gender and also involve everyone in the fight for women and young girls. We are all affected by gender based violence.
We want to reprogramme the minds of men and invest in a young boy child using different methods; such as Boys to Men, Youth Empowerment sessions, Educational Camps, Hiking’s, Healing sessions, Boys Workshops.

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Why was #LangaForMen founded?

For so many years we've been seeing women and young girls being violated by our gender and as a result they having many campaigns to stop that. From our observations they are not really helping to the great extent as many are the victims. Perpetrators continue even though there are these campaigns, prayer services, pickets and March. We saw that there is a big need of finding the seed that is leading men into doing these evil things before finding solutions. A boy child has been failed by society for so many times. They are not expected to cry and in order for them to be heard they need to raise their hands on women. 63 years later while South Africa is now a democratic country, women continue to remain marginalized and largely oppressed by a patriarchal system that perpetuates misogynist attitudes, stereotypes and behavior against women. For us to eradicate femicide we need to instill and restore new values to a boy child. Values that will make a boy child not to see a girl child as an object. Thus it has come to our attention, how do we bridge the gap between the National Legislation enacted to protect our people and the violence including the stigmas which are highly prominent in our societies? How do we go about implementing better Legislations that can protect human rights better? How do we go about implementing Legislations that would really hold accountable all the perpetrators and not invade justice? How do we go about to supporting the victims and giving them better facility to overcome these issues? How do we go about making sure that we are safe in our societies? How do we go about enforcing the police force to do their jobs properly, sufficiently and professionally? These are questions according to our perception needs some serious answers and attention.

How was #LangaForMen founded?

#LangaForMen started in the middle of August 2019 by two young boys aged 21 years who've been involved in organizations that are advocating for rights of the people. Luyolo Lengisi and Siyabonga Khusela saw the need of opening an organization that would help a boy child to be better men not be a perpetrator but to be a protector by respecting the society and understanding the real meaning of manhood.

Where was #LangaForMen founded?

This started in a small township known as Langa with a heterogeneous fund of experience, social and cultural backgrounds, academic knowledge, skills and ideas.



I'm Luyolo Barney Lengisi Hawule. My clan name is MYirha from Ngcobo and i grew here at Cape Town around Langa. I am inspired by the teachings of Malcolm X, Robert Sobukhwe and Steve Biko. I've performed at United States of America, Makukhanye Art Room, Black Moses, Kasi RC, Gugasthebe, Mandela Gateway to Robben Island, Waterfront V&A amphitheatre, Hermanus, Paarl, Robertson, Worcester, Kraaifontein, Khayelitsha, Iziko Museum, Rainbow Academy and to many different schools, Performed for Malema and other MPs. I've worked with #Emthonjeni Arts Production, Lovelife, Hands For A Bridge, Young Achievers, Langa Arts Association, Inzima, Mvuliyezisa,Cofamankaza,Banzi Tema and many artists and I've shared stages with Lebu Skgobela, The Soil member. My journey started long time ago as an Activist I've been involved in many organisations that using different Artforms to address social ills, my dream us to create a free space for everyone and create the unity by restoring the values and principles of of Humanity by breaking/ destroying the boarders that have divided us. I wanna build a nation instead of building Rainbow nation. What I want to be I am now becoming.

I'm a co-founder of #LangaForMen,motivator, playwright, Poet,writer,Motivator, Feminist, Activist, leader 😊 🌱 ♥ 👊 ✋ 🙏 Aluta Continua!


Siyabonga grew up in a township called Langa in Cape Town, he was raised by a young vivacious single parent, mother. Siyabonga being the only child never really knew what it meant to be a kid. Since the adults around him were overly protective, he didn't learn how to really relate well with other kids.

Growing up Siyabonga felt accustomed to the company of his single mother. He was always more matured than other children even when he gained friends he always enjoyed the company of his mother. Siyabonga's mother always invested alot in him-this encouraged him to excel in everything he does including his subjects in primary school and in high school.

Siyabonga never really realized the concept of self-awareness growing up until years later. While Siyabonga was in High school he started to feel the pressure of his late mother and family's expectations. Gradually he stopped everything he was doing and focused more on his books which made him achieve an outstanding beautiful Bachelor's pass.
On this year Siyabonga graduated on top of his class, although he wasn't a valedictorian looking back Siyabonga believes he would've done better.

Late 2018 Siyabonga believes all doors opened for him. In 2018 Siyabonga was introduced and exposed to the modeling industry by Lushawn Yaso. Lushawn saw a great potential in him, he forced him to excel in the modeling industry. This was the birth of everything great for Siyabonga.
Throughout his modeling career, in 2019 Siyabonga ventured to other parts of the industry. He started doing runway modeling, high fashion modeling and other related services. In middle 2019 Siyabonga reached a climax in his career where he founded a very successful organization named "Helping Hands". This organization aimed at helping individuals who are previously disadvantaged and can not afford certain things for them. In here Siyabonga stepped in and did the very best to eradicate this in his society. Till today he is recognized for his beautiful gesture in his society. After the peak of this organization, another gargantuan organization #LangaForMen was co-founded by him alongside his partner. The aim of this organization was to raise awareness in the society about these gross gender based violence faced by women and children everyday. This organization made a mark in the township as everyone is now cognizant of their aims and objectives. In here Siyabonga and his partner made few appearances on huge social media platforms and the internet. They were interviewed by few journalists and broke the internet. With no doubt this has been the most popular experience they have ever experienced.

Today Siyabonga considers himself a Human Rights Activist because of his beautiful work regarding the human rights in his society and also considers himself a feminist because he advocates for equal treatment of women in the society. Siyabonga Khusela has enormous plans to achieve, to be the best he could ever be, branch deeper in his organizations and becoming the best and well mannered model in his modeling agency.

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